Congratulations to our 2 Templeton Cup teams finishing in the top 8 as they move into knock out phase. Special mention of our Red team who qualified top! Our very talented Kaikoura Cup team are still playing, but the competition is severely affected due to teams pulling out due to Covid.

A HUGE thanks to Laurie, Brian, Bruce and Tony Collins for the work that has gone into the kitchen and servery. There is still work to be done but it is such an asset and it’s great having Davina upstairs. First the Bar now the kitchen/servery and next the outside steps thanks to a grant from Kate Valley. Thanks to Bruce and Judy for the work put into the application.  

One of the many great things about playing at Amberley is that we can always get on our course and very rarely have to wait. Due to the great condition of our greens and course we are getting more green fees players and bookings. Bigger groups are being sent off Tees 1 and 10 so please be patient if there are groups starting. These are usually on a Sunday morning but have a look at the course bookings on our website or on the office window if you want to avoid a possible hold up. Green Fees are an important part of our club’s income so I ask for your patience.

We have appointed Ray Wilshire as our Assistant Greenkeeper. It’s awesome having him on the team with his knowledge and dedication.

Stay warm.