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President's update

October 2021

Great news, Daylight Saving has arrived, bring on the good times!


The Ladies Club Champs have been completed. Congratulations to Lyn Robertson, Barb Pettigrew and Jan Morgan who won their respective grades. Also, Barbara Scott for taking out the Intermediate grade Plate.


Covid restrictions disrupted our scheduled Club Champs programme. The club captains worked hard to formulate a workable timeframe. The Men’s Club Champs final will now be played on our Closing Day, 4th December. There’s been a lot of positive feedback about finishing on Closing Day. Hopefully we can celebrate the end of a great year of golf (it’ll be our 99th year).


The Modernisation Group have made some recommendations to the Committee. The most exciting subject that was endorsed by the Committee was an updated Governance model. It’s not radical, it’s a no brainer. More details will be sent out well before the AGM, which is on Saturday 20th November. There were also recommendations on Communication, Complaints/Concerns and the use of technology. 


Volunteers - I surveyed the list of members recently and noted the ones that do voluntary work/tasks around the club. There were about 50 of them, I.e., 25% of the membership. A lot of what they do is just taken for granted and they receive little or no recognition. These 25% of our members are striving to make our great club stand out from the rest, and its working. Our membership is growing. I would like to see more recognition of these volunteers and I’m working on a proposal to do just that.


Take care and enjoy your golf.

Laurie Widdowson

Club President